Below are tools and service we used that maybe of help to you, and we recommend that you choose anyone that suits your need.

Some Products are Free and some are paid, I am using my Affiliate Links. If you will buy anything from my recommendation by clicking on products then I will earn some commission. If you need more info about any product or getting some problem while buying then feel free to contact me via Contact Us Page.


If you are going to design a blog then the design and architecture of your blog should be proper and impressive. And for this WordPress helps you, WordPress is featured with architecture and template system and it is the most popular Blogging System. It’s free as well as a premium open source of blogging platform. Click Here To Download.


In the blogging world, the word Hosting is really very much important, basically Hosting means a Host or Control to which all data and computers are connected through internet. Internet Hosting should be reliable and a good one, Internet Hosting Services includes Software as a Service, Web Hosting Service, One-click Hosting and many other services. There are many sites available which offers reliable hosting for your blog:

  1. HostGator – HostGator is the best Hosting Service provider, I am personally using for my all blogs, which offers VPS hosting, web hosting and other services. As per my personal experience with HostGator, I’ll recommend you to use HostGator. You can use our coupon code to get 25 % discount (Coupon code: geekized25)
  2. Arvixe: Arvixe is one of the best hosting company we have come across and this is what we are using and highly recommend you get, we have written a review here please read it and see why we choose theme.
  3. DreamHost – It is also a Hosting provider that offers unlimited bandwidth and storage facility to its customers. It little bit varies in price with HostGator. You can also try DreamHost.
  4. BlueHost – Millions of people believes that BlueHost is trustworthy and offers numerous features for their blogs. It offers hosting along with Free Domains. Offers the compatibility with a wide range of software including WP, Joomla and Drupal etc. Try it out with Demo and check the things out by yourself. So, you can go with this one too.


Themes are very much important if you are going to make a blog. Theme should be suitable and relevant to your content; it improves the look of your website. If your page is with good features and looks then it becomes more appealing and attractive for visitors. So, here we have some top names of Theme Providers:

  1. Genesis – Genesis is developed by the StudioPress, it is a platform or a provider which offers plenty of themes to customers. Most of the professional bloggers use this provider for themes and templates. So, you can also go with Genesis. Check out the Exclusive Review.
  2. Thesis – if you want to be an owner of successfully running and a well known website then your website should be at up to the mark and should fulfill all requirements, also the features should be interesting and easy to use and looks should be stunning.
  3. Theme Forest: This is the biggest wordpress market place for elegant themes, check them out

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the latest trend in web services; it is a commercial message by a service provider to a group of people or to people of interest using E-mail. More precisely, it’s a broadcast of a service through the emails to the customers. It’s a pretty interesting way to advertise your product and service to people. Also it is advantageous for your profession and improves the sources of income. There are number of providers which offers Email-Marketing services, let’s have some knowledge of some Top service providers:

  1. Aweber – if you want an affordable Email Marketing Software and Service than Aweber is the best option for you. $1 for sign up and a reasonable return on your investment. I think the most reliable and frequently used service for Email Marketing. This software and service allows you to create and propagate your campaign by using email services. The service is very easy to use and has enormous features. I highly recommend it to use from day one.
  2. MailChimp – it is an online solution for email marketing which offers features like contact management, sending emails, tracking results and responses. If you need a plan of action and confused to where to start then this solution will help you.
  3. GetResponse – it is top rated Email-Marketing software which offers simple action to get services. GetResponse is fast and easy interface software which is able to deliver a powerful impact on the customer. This software will help you to grow your business. So, try it if you are unable to find a suitable option for your website.

WordPress Plugin and Services

Plugins are the services offered by many developers to make your website or blog a powerful one. Plugins can explore your WordPress blog to beyond your imagination which has the capability to do almost anything. So, carefully choose a plugin and service provider as per your requirements. Some top plugin and service providers are:

  1. Wp Super Cache – Most of the Host Providers recommends W3 Total Cache for plugin and services. Also it is trusted by a number of sites. The W3 Total Cache basically offers its service to improve the user experience of the site; also it improves the server performance. It helps to reduce the download time. So, it’s one of the best resources for your website.
  2. Amazon Cloudfront – It’s a content delivery network which helps to charge your website in a better way. This is the most powerful and affordable content delivery network which improves your performance.
  3. OIO Ad Manager – OIO Ad Manager Works as a controller for ad space in your blog or site, also it keeps 100% of the revenue and helps to serve advertising on blogs. It offers the option to sell your ads directly. So, it’s a good plugin for your WordPress blog.
  4. MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet – If you want to become a successful owner of a blog then you should learn how making the subscriber list, it’s very important to keep every data and record of subscribers in proper list but it takes so much time if you do it on your own. MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet helps you to make subscription list, it automatically adds all the details of subscriber and done your work in few minutes. I am using it and fully satisfied with their lots of features.