How to Download and Use WhatsApp in Your PC?


WhatsApp messenger is an instant messaging subscription service for smart phones. It works with internet connection. Besides text messaging, it allows the users to send images, video and audio messages. This app can be used both in smart phones and in PCs.

WhatsApp in PC

The following is the check list before downloading WhatsApp:

  1. You must make sure that your PC is connected to the internet before beginning to download WhatsApp.
  2. The date and time on your PC must be correct.
  3. Make sure that your PC has enough free space.

WhatsApp can be downloaded through the Download Manager by which one can optimize the down load speed of the file. One has to download first. Then the software you require will be automatically downloaded. will not be responsible for any issues with the downloading process or with the software products. The user needs to decide whether the software is intended for legal use. Certain loop holes cannot be helped in the digital world. One cannot be sure that the program files are 100% clean. It is possible that some of them contain virus. One should check downloaded files too for viruses, spyware and malware.

Let us have a look at another way of downloading WhatsApp:

Step 1. One must download Blue Stacks.

Step 2. After finishing the Download one must double click on the Downloaded file, then click Continue.

Step 3. Click “Install”

Step 4. Download WhatsApp APK file.

Step 5. After finishing the download double click on Download WhatsApp APK file.

Step 6. WhatsApp will now install in your PC.

Step 7. Open Blue Stacks by clicking on Blue Stacks icon on your desktop.

Step 8. Click on My Apps in Blue Stacks.

Step 9. Now you will see WhatsApp, click on it.

Step 10. Accept Terms and Conditions.

Step 11. Type your mobile number along with the country code.

Step 12. WhatsApp will now try to verify your number, but will show fail message.

Step 13. Now click on Call Me. With this you will receive an automatic call with a confirmation number. Write down that number.

Step 14. Type the received number in verification field.

The downloading and installing process ends here and you are ready to enjoy WhatsApp in your PC. Your PC should have an adequate internet data plan and when you have not exceeded the limit messaging over the platform should not cost you extra. People who are concerned about data usage should better use a Wi-Fi connection. WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton states that they will finally offer a voice-calling service this year, which the competitors like WeChat, KakaoTalk, Line and Viber are already providing. This multiplatform messaging app allows users to create groups and to send unlimited video, audio media messages. It is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia along with a traditional PC.


  1. I have being trying hard to have whatsapp installed on my pc. It was working really fine when I was on Windows 7 but after an upgrade to Windows 8.1, things have never being the same.

    I was using Youwave though and will certainly give Bluestacks a try as well,

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    i was seraching it from along time how to run android apps on pc here i got it thnx for sharing the complete info about this method how to install and run it on pc via bluestcks will share it with my other friends too

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  4. Great tutorial, I have chosen BlueStacks as it is the easiest one. Moreover, I can use this emulator to run other Android apps too, other than Whatsapp 🙂

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  7. This is a nice tutorial. Atleast After downloading whatsapp to my PC I won’t always be distracted while working with my system. As long as I can whatsapp and still work with my system am cool with it.

  8. Well, thats not at all user friendly. Over time bluestacks become slow and lags. So I find it very hard to reply. Better switch to whatsapp web version web(dot)whatsapp(dot)com and reply. It loads smooth. Anyways, thanks for the article.

  9. Good Post. WhatsApp is very trending in today time. Many people use it for their personal and professional purposes. But Whatsapp in Our PC, its quite amazing. Thanks for sharing this valuable post with us. Keep doing good work.

  10. Excellent method to install Whatsapp on pc, I don’t have blackberry or Android and web version of Whatsapp doesn’t allow to install via iPhone. Thank you so much, thumbs up.

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  12. really nice data and info , so i am feeling good to see , after reading your article , feeling much happay and solve provlem that i have 🙂 i appreciate you , i read your blog , totally supported and solve my problem…all the best

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    I was using an alternative to Bluestacks, but Whatsapp won’t work on that. Thanks to you for sharing this article. Now I can use Whatsapp on my PC


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