Wordpress Plugins

8 Essential WordPress Plugins For Newly Created Blogs

WordPress is the world's most popular CMS since 2003. Over the years, WordPress has become the most popular CMS and superstardom in the blogosphere. The New York Times, CNN, Mashable, eBay are all the...

The Importance of Blogging for your Business

If you are an entrepreneur from the older generation you may think that blogging is the newest trend that may not last as long as you did in the business. You could not be...
Onsite SEO

Which Onsite SEO Techniques will work the best in 2016?

Search engine optimization is absolutely the most important element of online marketing. SEO is something each Web developer, Web master and website owner knows about less or more, but there are much misunderstandings about...

How to Install Nginx Web server on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty

You might have heard of Nginx pronounced  as “engine-x” it is a web server just like apache (which is popular in shared hosting environments and the most popular web server in the world.)  and...
wordpress logo

How to Update WordPress domain url via Database

You might have notice that i have changed this blog domain several time, well it’s a hard decision, the harder part of it is making sure all your old domain url are reflecting to...
Wordpress Plugins

Top 10 WordPress Plugin Development Companies

WordPress is the top-rated and most widely used content management system that has been playing a vital role in online business since its inception. WordPress helps designers and developers to create enticingly appropriate and...
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